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Estate Planning Services for the Colorado Springs and Centennial Area

At Hammond Law Group, LLC, we structure Colorado Estate Planning around you. Aside from general Estate Planning components such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, and LGBT Estate Planning, our firm is especially knowledgeable and experienced in Post Mortem Planning and Elder Law. These two components encompass heavy and complex issues such as Probate, trust administration, nursing home planning, and Medicaid planning. The legal aspects of these issues have a dramatic effect on the process, which our Colorado Springs Estate Planning lawyers can inform and advise you on. If you need assistance planning and preserving your estate, the professionals at Hammond Law Group are here to help you form a customized estate plan that meets your needs.

Post Mortem Estate Planning: Probate Assistance

Without establishing a proper post mortem plan with your attorney, Estate Planning and distribution becomes the responsibility of the state. Even if you aren’t incredibly wealthy, Estate Planning ensures that your loved ones won’t be left empty handed or overextended when you have passed on. In the event that a formal Will was not created before the death of a loved one, a Colorado Springs Probate attorney can help deal with the complex and extensive logistics surrounding Probate and Trust Administration.

What is Probate?

The Probate process is almost always a requirement for funds and estates to be distributed properly. Especially in the event of conflict amongst the family, contacting a Colorado Springs Probate attorney is the most effective way to ensure that the deceased’s wishes are honored after death. The Probate process usually involves document retrievals, court hearings, inventory, claims, and taxes to ensure the unfinished business of the deceased is finalized and accounted for before the Will is honored and trusts are distributed.

Elder Law Attorney

With the price of nursing homes escalating and the economic recession still looming overhead, now more than ever is the time to start preparing for Elder Law Estate Planning, so neither you nor your loved ones are burdened by the cost of future health care. Medicaid Planning is one of the biggest issues that surrounds Elder Law Estate Planning and is especially relevant in cases where a disability is present. Talk to one of our professional Colorado Springs Elder Law attorneys to find out how to include Elder Law into your Estate Plan.

Powers of Attorney

In terms of Estate Planning, a Power of Attorney is a formal authorization granted to a specified individual for the purpose of acting on another’s behalf in the event that the person granting permission is unable to make the decision due to disability, illness, etc. Making this decision alone is not easy, but going through the process can often be even more difficult. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs Estate Planning attorney at our firm is here to help you get everything legally finalized to ensure that your personal wishes are upheld should the situation occur.

Incapacity Planning

Although it may not be the most pleasant subject, part of the Estate Planning process involves preparing for the worst. However, the alternative to hiring an Estate Planning attorney to help with Incapacity Planning is the risk of leaving the burden on your loved ones without properly informing them of your wishes. Should you become physically or mentally unable to care for yourself, an official plan should be instated by your Colorado Springs Estate Planning lawyer for everything from handling grocery shopping to making major medical decisions. This process typically involves a Power of Attorney, nursing home care, Medicaid Planning, and similar aspects to ensure that your needs are met despite your condition.

Legacy Planning

Estate Planning isn’t just about preserving material items, but preserving sentimental aspects of your life as well, such as character and heritage. Our Estate Planning attorneys help to preserve the intangible legacy of the deceased by utilizing the resources that the deceased have accumulated during their lifetime and using it to impact others and leave a mark on the world even after they’re gone. From charitable gifting strategies to family limited partnerships, our Colorado Springs Estate Planning attorneys make it possible to protect and honor your good name after death.

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